Charted Territory & The Road Well-Traveled But Not By Us

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“So why’d you move?”

I’ve gotten that question a lot. And frankly, I was excited to get it.

But I didn’t anticipate answering it differently almost every time it was asked of me.

So then, why did I move?

Let me get back to you on that.

What I do know, is that the drive out was fucking beautiful.


Day 1

We were up ’til 3:30am and had planned to leave just 3.5 short hours later.

So naturally we slept in and went out for breakfast.

One-Way Road Trip 2015

Wisconsin: Open road, blue skies and a fear of getting pulled over by racist cops.


Day 2

One-Way Road Trip 2015

First stop – Sioux Falls, SD. I got to see my old friend Lindsey from Lake Owen. It hadn’t not been 6 years since we got to see one another. Yuck. Too long!


One-Way Road Trip 2015

I can’t speak for many other parts of South Dakota, but I’m not sure why we made such a big deal over going to the Moon when it was right here.

Sorry for ripping off the same bad joke I made on Instagram.

One-Way Road Trip 2015


One-Way Road Trip 2015

I was down below at the edge of the cliff taking pictures when I heard a faint rattling sound in the distance. Soon enough there was a small crowd where this photo is shot. I went to investigate.

There was a rattlesnake hanging out on the side of the stairs.

The snake had sought refuge and I was too late to catch a glimpse.

So the only thing left to do was to snap a picture of my freaked-out sister getting in an impromptu workout…As any good brother would do.


One-Way Road Trip 2015

I’m admittedly bitter about Mt. Rushmore. All information said “open until 11:30pm.”

Bullshit. This is as close as we got and also the best and only shot I got.

The silver lining was that we got to drive through Deadwood–The town where that show I never saw, took place.

Sardonic comments, check.


Day 3

One-Way Road Trip 2015

I never knew about the Bighorn Mountains. Now I do. They’re amazing.

One-Way Road Trip 2015

One-Way Road Trip 2015

Beauty on the way to more beauty. Nature is pretty cool.


One-Way Road Trip 2015

I almost wanted to sneer at the $30 entrance fee to drive through Yellowstone.

For the price of seeing two movies or buying one popcorn at the theater, you can see some of the most breathtaking scenery this country has to offer.

One-Way Road Trip 2015

Yellowstone Lake


One-Way Road Trip 2015

We stopped at Ol’ Faithful which had a massive and mostly empty parking lot. It was the most unimpressive sight in the entire park.

Neither of us gave any thought to the name…Ooops.

We were on a tight time budget and off we went.


One-Way Trip 2015

We saw a bison. And almost ran over into a moose.


One-Way Road Trip 2015

The Grand Prismatic Spring was far and away the coolest. The air was a brisk 35 degrees but not at the spring. It was like a sauna that didn’t induce a sweat, didn’t get too hot and didn’t uncomfortably house old naked people.

In the end, it wasn’t much like a sauna. But it was gorgeous.

One-Way Road Trip 2015


One-Way Road Trip 2015

We stayed the night in Butte, MT at this neat little hotel called, “The Rocker Inn.” Our room key was an actual metal key. And there was a dive bar mere feet away from the check in desk.

The Internet reviews for this place said: “They need to get with the times.”

I disagree. It was perfect.


Day 4

We headed a [relatively] short distance to Missoula, MT to see Gretchen’s friend, Natalia. We caught up over breakfast and toured the town.

One-Way Road Trip 2015

That patch of white water in the middle is called Brennan’s Wave and is a surf spot! Dig it.


Unfortunately there are no pictures from most amazing driving of the entire trip. Thanks, Gretchen. (She was sleeping.)

But fortunately, I was driving and had tons of fun from Montana into Idaho and up to Coeur D’Alene. There were constant twists, turns, inclines, declines — I felt like I was in a video game — minus the fast car, tight handling and prize money.

I never really heard or knew much about Idaho and definitely had not been there before. I had an idea in my head that if I hadn’t known much about it, it couldn’t be that cool. Wrong. It was amazing.

Onward to see our cousins!

Over the Hop Beer

Our cousins Cathy, Dave, AJ and Sam took us out for burgers where I experienced huckleberries for the first time. Idaho’s state fruit works incredibly well in bbq sauce!

Dave is a beer judge and beer is good. So we had them. I managed to not take any pictures during our time with there except one for Untappd. Can I blame the beer?

Sorry guys, I really do feel bad about that. We’ll be back!


Day 5

Eastern Washington is far from mountainous twists and turns — and full of golden rolling hills.

One-Way Road Trip 2015

I missed a handful of great photo opportunities as we headed to Leavenworth, WA, (a small Bavarian-esque town) where I was sure to take advantage of all the German I had learned.


One-Way Road Trip 2015

The only Deutsch I spoke was rehearsing conversations I would have had, had there been anyone there to understand my semi-coherent ramblings. We did however find an amazing subterranean cheese (the English word for Käse) shop and stopped for a pint at the local brew pub.


One-Way Road Trip 2015

Next stop: Seattle

That was both the longest and fastest road trip in my life.

The next time we do that drive, we’ll do it in twice the time it took us!

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