Part of the Cult Now

It’s been an interesting past three weeks. I finally caved and got a new phone. Since last April, I’ve been waiting to upgrade for a device I felt would make a good two-year investment…or rather, would last two years. Six months of excruciating patience later, I didn’t get the droid I was looking for (that […]

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Liquid Soul and American English at Streeterfest

My colleague Brian Quarles and his band, Liquid Soul, hit the stage at Streeterfest. The setup just east of the Magnificent Mile was probably one of the most mellow street fests I’ve ever been to. Although West Fest, Wicker Park Fest and Burgerfest in Roscoe Village serve a younger and more vibrant crowd that doesn’t have a virtual picnic in the grass while the music is blazing.

Regardless, Liquid Soul snapped as always and was followed by none other than American English, a Beatles cover band. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cover band play, mostly because a cover band could seemingly never stack up to the original. But I have to give it up to American English. They had the accents down, they sounded solid instrumentally and vocally but what really blew me away wasn’t even their multiple costumes: The guy playing Paul McCartney even had his mannerisms down! And yes, I cross-checked with YouTube videos. They were impressive to say the least.

Photo gallery and videos after the jump.


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