Episode 7 | Sunday Skate

Skate Sunday 7 header

We got a late start last Sunday and driving up North to the Walt Disney School didn’t help with starting the session. We wanted to skate a spot we hadn’t filmed at yet so we accepted the distance and got to business.

Peter, Randy and I skated up to the stairs from the parking lot and discussed tricks that had gone down recently and that we would never think about doing otherwise. On a side note, the little gap on the top stair over grass to the sidewalk is now Continue reading “Episode 7 | Sunday Skate”

3D, Long Exposure, Stop-Frame, iPad Created Animation

ipad animation

What do you get when a design consultancy and a creative communications agency get together?

An amazing 3D, long exposure, stop-frame, iPad created animation.

Berg and Dentsu, both out of London, actualized their strategy and vision using an iPad.

“We have chosen to interpret that brief by exploring how surfaces and screens look and work in the world. We’re finding playful uses for Continue reading “3D, Long Exposure, Stop-Frame, iPad Created Animation”